Parents Are Failing In Their Obligation To Make Their Children Intelligent

No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education. Plato

Most parents think that their children owe them respect, authority and happiness. However, it is untrue that these attributes should be easily given away without a careful thought by the giver, and it should not be given just because the individuals are your parents. It is often times thought that individuals seek childbirth for their own selfish agendas, such as experiences that come with having a child. There is no logical reason for an individual to have a child if it is not for his or her fulfilling needs. This translates to an unbalanced relationship between the child and the parents.

The argument that your parents give you life is invalid because one cannot choose to be born, and the act of conceiving a child is rather enjoyable and not torturous. In fact, this logic could be turned around and say that the parents actually owe their children more than they owe them. The ideology of having a child so it could experience fifty odd years of bittersweet reality could warrant the parents be arrested and thrown into an endless pit. Satire aside, this mentality is the truth that the parents owe their children their utmost diligence support in their education of life, so that their children could grow up to become a competent individual with the strength to carry their own weights.

It is not enough for the parents to just provide their children with roof over their heads or stability in the household. The parents’ duties go beyond the material comforts of a child and transcend into the realm of the mind. Most parents neglect this duty due to the mentality that they provide ‘just enough’ for their children by physical means. And that, their duties end when their children have enough food to eat and place to live. However, this could not be further from the truth, and in fact, the enlightenment of a child’s mind is essentially more vital than any material comfort.

Most young adults lack common sense and the ability to dissect truth from fiction. Moreover, the inability to discriminate lies from truth could be diverted if their childhoods were seeded with proper education. For example, most young adults are indebted by the higher institutions which leads to an endless vampirism of their earnings for the rest of their lives. Clearly, these individuals do not possess the common knowledge of business conducts, such as interest rate and so forth. The fact that they could not make a sound decision without a salesman holding their hands is more disturbing than the eternal truth.

Every single human experience has a solution and is well documented. So, why not teach them to your children and make them think of creative solutions of recurring life issues? If a parent is a great role model then respect and authority over his or her children will come naturally. These attributes are the side effects of leading a piety life and not rightful privileges to be given away. If a person demonstrates the virtues and the patience of a hermit as a parent, then your children will learn their place as pulpits of a veteran in life. They will learn to respect you not as their progenitor but as a fellow human being. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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