When You Don’t Know What Is Going On, Be Open To Receive What Is For Your Highest Good

It’s no surprise there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, given the situation with the Coronavirus. People’s health is at stake, not to mention their livelihood. Suddenly, we are in the midst of an emergency having to deal with something we were not prepared for. This can cause panic and fear because we doubt our capacity to cope with what is taking place. Reflect on this for a moment. Is it the fear of the unknown that frightens you or doubting you will make it through the crisis? Be honest and examine what is taking place beneath the fear. Sometimes, we try to avoid negative emotions, but they can be useful if we deal with them instead of run away from them.

This is the essence of people’s dilemma; they are not well equipped to manage negativity because they stow it away. So, when we don’t know what is going on in our lives, the best we can do is be open to receive what is for our highest good. There must be an important lesson contained within this experience, otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening. Blaming others does little to move us forward. It keeps us trapped in our circumstances and whilst it may appease our suffering for a little while, it disempowers us in the long term. This pandemic highlights the consciousness of humanity in its current state, which is steeped in fear and anxiety instead of faith, compassion, and cooperation. Therefore, we are being forced to awaken these qualities within ourselves and must heed the lessons sooner or later.

Are you comfortable with this idea that life will present us with experience or series of experiences to awaken us from our sleep? Perhaps you faced something similar, whether it involved losing your job or the breakup of a long-term relationship? Think back to the lessons gained in the time that followed? It is my experience; we can never go back to our old way of life when faced with a situation of this size. Something awakens us to our greater purpose, and unexpectedly we are put on the path towards our destiny. What if this experience is foreshadowing the same awakening for humanity? I don’t know, nor do I believe anyone else does at this time. All we can do is take the journey and see where it will lead us in the coming months and years.

Will it be frightening? Yes. Will there be moments of despair? Yes. Will you be able to navigate your way through it? Only time will tell, but before then, you will be pushed and pulled and some may reach breaking point. Only then will you awaken to your true humanity. I’m not talking about physical suffering but a psychological, emotional and spiritual breaking point. It will seem as though your world is falling apart, when in fact it is BREAKING APART to reveal the essence of your infinite self. What makes me so sure, you ask? I’ve written in earlier articles and books about my experience of being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and subsequently losing my father to an illness, within a short space of time. Both experiences felt as though my world was breaking apart, yet when the anxiety and fear receded, I experienced an inner knowing assuring me I would be fine.

It is this inner knowing we must lean upon to make sense of what is taking place. We must go within, to soften our minds and help us make sense of what is happening. If we keep responding to the fear and anxiety propagated by the news, it might look like the world is falling apart. But life and Mother Earth is more intelligent than that. In fact, life knows how to sustain itself because it has done so for millions of years and will do so long after we are gone. Life is a self-fulfilling system that regenerates itself repeatedly. It is built upon the laws of nature, physics, and mathematics. If we are to awaken from the current crisis, we must abide by these natural laws, otherwise, we will succumb to the same crisis again in the years to come.

Since we are all in the same boat, sailing into uncharted waters, we must be open to receive what is for our highest good. We may not know what that looks like right now since it is too early to tell. Things are changing at a rapid pace. I read recently that scientists have constructed mathematical models to figure what this virus will do in the ensuing months. Yet, no matter how exact the models are, nature has a way of changing the rules when we least expect it. It was the British statistician George Box who said: “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” Therefore, rather than thrash about in the lifeboats, we ought to stay calm and keep paddling towards a new reality. I use the analogy of a lifeboat because it feels like we have been thrown overboard from the mother-ship and scrambling to make sense of our current predicament.

But it won’t always be this way; there will come a time when we will look back and realize how this experience shaped our lives. It is a terrible tragedy that people have lost their lives and will continue to do so, as the virus spreads. My heart goes out to the victims and their families struggling through this period. My heart goes out to the front-line health workers, giving themselves tirelessly to save people’s lives. I sympathize with those suffering from depression and mental anguish at this time. Please hang in there. No matter what happens, the wave we are being carried upon will eventually recede into calmer waters and we will be shown a new landscape upon which to rebuild our lives.

Self-empowerment author, expert speaker and coach.

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