Why You Are Already Worthy

Instagram / Julia Agostini
Instagram / Julia Agostini

Worthiness is a measure of what you’re willing to receive. At the deepest level, self-worth relates to our sense of entitlement.

Self-worth entails embracing our true self whose essence is pure love.

You are already worthy since your thoughts related to your self-worth do not make up the real you. These are composed storylines that don’t show who you are beneath the surface. They’re made-up narratives gained from well-intentioned people and were never yours to begin with.

I appreciate it may be difficult to comprehend, yet with enough focused attention you’ll realize your unworthiness is an invented script not worthy of consideration.

To claim our worthiness, we must acknowledge our faults and insecurities while knowing these are one facet of our being.

Your worthiness is a call to honor your whole self and not focus on the disempowering aspects.

I recall working in an upmarket men’s shoe store as a young adult and discovering the imperfections in leather shoes. Customers flocked in droves to buy shoes with slight flaws, attributed to the animals grazing against barbed wire fences or trees. This exhibited the hide’s true character replete with natural blemishes.

Equally, your scars and imperfections are not something to cower from, yet to embrace as the wholeness of your being.

No one is perfect, not even the most enlightened being. Our earthly way of life gives rise to evolving into the person we wish to become. This means our insecurities and negative attributes have the potential to be transformed into endowing characteristics.

Low self-worth is evident in others when they’re paid a compliment. Some will offer thanks while others dismiss it because they’re unable to receive praise. This small gesture alone communicates the individual’s capacity to receive.

Moreover, our ability to receive and give love determines our self-worth. If we’re unaccustomed to receive abundance—whether as compliments, love, compassion, kindness or otherwise—we limit our ability to enhance our self-worth.

Beyond achieving our dreams or attaining success, our greatest triumph results from embracing our worthiness.

You are worthy because you are the representation of abundance. Your genetic expression, talentsm, and gifts are the highest form of abundance. It rests on you whether you embrace these gifts and use them rightfully.

In the same way, you enrich your self-worth by acknowledging your worthiness to receive. I invite you to let go of limiting beliefs that claim you are unworthy.

Such thoughts are not conducive and impair your personal growth. Instead, we replace them with empowering thoughts.

We must upgrade our thoughts, similar to updating computer software so it runs efficiently without a virus impacting its performance.

While I appreciate that the computer analogy is a simple metaphor, it highlights that when we let go of undesirable beliefs, we create a fulfilling life devoid of stories that no longer serve us.

To accept your worthiness, let go of playing the victim and forgive yourself and others.

Every experience, whether good or bad, has brought you to this point in time, so that even the words on this screen are orchestrated to guide your personal transformation.

Rest assured, you needn’t accumulate more thoughts to validate your self-worth. Instead, let go of who you think you are to allow your authentic self to be known.

For change to occur, we must accept our current circumstances without conditions.

Consider a car restorer who buys a dilapidated vehicle to refurbish. His thoughts are fixed on the car’s final transformation rather than its current condition.

I invite you to adopt the same consideration and accept every facet of your life with conviction. I’m not asking you to take pleasure in your current circumstances; however, accept reality to create the life you deserve.

You are worthy of love because the conditions that contributed to your conception were conceived out of love.

Until a certain age you rarely questioned your self-worth. Though with the passage of time you assumed other people’s opinions and understood them as your own.

To own your worthiness, make it a priority to embrace every facet of your being. Avoid focusing on your negative qualities, yet appreciate they are an evolving facet of your being. There’ll come a time when you’ll look back and see how pointless it was to focus on your negative characteristics.

I often overhear people declare how they’ll feel worthy once they have [insert thing, person or way of life here]. You’ll never be worthy even with a surplus of money or love if you carry your unworthiness around like a handbag.

Unworthiness is a virus that infects our spirit and stifles our potential.

We must remove the virus by seeing it as an obscuring veil of deceit that robs us of our authenticity.

After all, beneath the suffering you are worthy because you are already enough by your presence alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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