5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

Old Hollywood: where men were manlier, the women were womanlier.

1. The Original Bad Boy: Marlon Brando

5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

Sometimes categorized as ‘eccentric’, Brando was known for his crazy antics that were way outside of Hollywood norms. The man was probably certifiably insane. He was expelled from high school for riding a motorcycle through the halls, owned a private island off the Pacific coast, developed a weird obsession with congas, and used his Oscar as a doorstop.

It was as if he didn’t want to be famous — sort of like the Kristen Stewart conundrum — except Brando was actually wildly talented.

Brando was the perfect male specimen. For many women at that time, with his hunky roles in A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront, became the fetishized burly working-man who 2013 just hasn’t supplied us with.

2. The Original Cowboy: Paul Newman

5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

Along with being ridiculously good looking, he was also a philanthropist, political activist, and family man. So like, probably a really good person too. But when you look like this, who even cares?

3. The Original Gay Guy You Wish Was Straight: Rock Hudson

5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

He was a huge screen idol who was probably gay. Scandal hit when he was one of the first celebrities to come out in 1984 with having AIDS.

But he was built like a tank, with a 6’5” frame, barrel chest, square jaw and full head of hair that made every lady swoon. And probably one of the first gay men of millions to come after him that made women everywhere go “C’mon he’s gay?! Not. fair.”

4. The Original Dancing King: Gene Kelly

5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

So smooth. Self-assured. Killer smile. And could literally sweep you off your feet. Just kill me now.

5. The Original Hipster: James Dean

5 Old Hollywood Men We Need 2013 Versions Of

So cute, so handsome. And one of the original hipsters, back when the term meant effortlessly cool and fashionable and known for your openness to other cultures, music and art.

This man could make any hot-blooded human blush. Our closest 2013 resemblance would be James Franco, who actually played James Dean in a bio-pic in 2001. But ah, I dunno, I just don’t think they come like this anymore. TC Mark

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