6 Ways Not To Fall In Love So Hard

Why is it that we feel compelled to fall in the wrong direction? We’re all guilty of it: stumbling over our graceless toes and landing far from our destination. We fall hard and we land even harder. Nevertheless, we find a way to get up, brush the love dust from our calloused shoulders, and move on to the next one.
We are sentimental fools.
Still, despite our compulsion to drift towards danger, we have the capacity to steer the fall. We just need to learn how to, and more importantly, how not to. Here are six ways of falling that everyone should avoid.

1. Don’t fall for the chase.

Do not, under any circumstance, concern yourself with those who elude. You may be energized by the possibility of catching the chase, but you must resist the lure. If acting “hard to get” were an Olympic event, the chase would take the gold. No matter their charm, the chase is intentionally elusive and perpetually alone. 

2. Don’t fall for your ex.

There’s an overwhelming comfort in the idea of falling for your ex. It is a notion laced with a deep contented nostalgia. You try to remember the good and hold back the bad, but the stark reality is: you cannot reform your past. There lies a difference in the actual ship and the imaginary one; the imaginary ship has sailed.

3. Don’t fall for the “vampire.”

You know, the one who conveniently texts you after hours, but then disappears into the abyss the moment the sun breaks the horizon. Just like in “Twilight”, this never ends well.

4. Don’t fall for the fickle.

Don’t waste your time with the unrevealing flake. The little rascal loves you, and then they love you not. Spare your sanity and remove yourself from the unpredictable intervals of affection.

5. Don’t fall for the player. 

Don’t hate the game, hate the player. The players’ carefully crafted words are created purely to send you spinning wildly into a ditch of confusion. You are not intended to understand, nor are you intended to win. You are only a self-doubting, unintelligent pawn. Or so they think.

6. Don’t fall with half of your heart.

Perhaps it is the hardest fall that has the softest landing. It’s not meant to hurt, but when you are clothed with the armor of your past, it is impossible to cushion the landing. You fall in the wrong direction because your walls dictate your path. When you find “the one”, you love with half. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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