10 Reasons We Fall In Love So Easily While Traveling

Twenty20 / andreeas
Twenty20 / andreeas

It may not be for long, and it may not make much sense, but falling in love while traveling happens to at least one traveler you’ve met, or perhaps has happened to you.  The difference in falling in love in the ‘real’ world and while traveling is huge. You see each other in a different light and evidently have different expectations for yourself and your chosen one.

How many times have you looked back on your travel romance and longed for it to happen again? The possibilities are endless. Everything was new, perfect and had potential.

1. Everything is possible

We fall in love traveling because we know everything is possible. We have hope that it will happen because we have one thing in common at that time, and that’s freedom. Freedom from stereotypes, freedom from stress, freedom from the world and societies clutches that in some way or another only prevent the way we truly act.

2. Both share traveling experiences

We know we have something huge in common, traveling. It then begins to feel natural and organic. We want something different. We want to experience the world for what it is, to be independent and find out what exactly is out there. We want first hand experiences, we want to meet new people from different corners of the globe, we want that spiritual bond that we think hasn’t existed with anyone from where we originally came from.

3. Different nationality, unexpectedness

We mingle with other nationalities. We like the accent, the slightly different look, the conversations on the universe and how we want to visit every country in the world. We like the grunts, the replies, the change of slang, the reactions – nothing can compare as everything is totally unexpected.

4. Real people on the road

We don’t care about what other people think. When traveling we see people for who they are. Some people finally becoming the real them, the real me, we see their beauty, their people skills, their bonding, their tenacity, their ambition. We see them in a euphoric status.

5. Potential fairytale

We are excited, but a feeling of uncertainty always hangs above our heads. We fall in love because its comforting, a fate-like idea of two people meeting in different circumstances and different environments.

6. Together, non-stop

We chat, we sleep, we walk, we party, we hike, we visit, we indulge, we eat, we plan, and we travel – together. These are things would take months to happen even years for some, for a relationship to reach this kind of co-operation together. We do it all, it’s fast, its quick, it’s exciting, it’s non-stop.

7. Personalities actually mean something

We love the lust, the pure attraction of course, but personalities play a lot more in bringing us closer to loving someone. Laid back attitude plays a part, which is almost a challenge we like to go for, but a great quality that we know they aren’t full of themselves. We like it because we get along like we haven’t with anyone else in that capacity before, we think similar; we act similar, we become similar.

8. All of an instant

We never know what is coming next. You or them could be gone tomorrow. It could be a tearful goodbye and them reminiscent thoughts on a 12 hour bus journey listening to songs like ‘Let her go’. We just don’t know and that brings us closer.

9. Walls are down

We are vulnerable and don’t we know it. We are succumbing to ‘seeing what happens’ and ‘just going with it’. Our walls are down because we are so happy we don’t need any defense mechanisms.

10. We want love

We fall in love because sometimes, we just want it.  We want that new avenue of falling in love with someone from a different country or culture. We want that newness, that potential new life, in the moment, romance experience, that feeling of ‘the one that got away,’ we want it for the stories, the passion, we want it for the future, we sometimes want to fall in love on the road. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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