Blood Game

My Friend Taught Me How To Play ‘The Blood Game’ And I Regret Ever Playing It

“I am the light who stands against the night, I am the truth greater than any dark secret!”

To my genuine surprise, many of the Rippers backed off, a few of them even covered their ears as if my words were painful to hear.

“Stop him!” Bethany shrieked, “We will have the blood of two infidels!”

Rippers grabbed my arms. Sarah produced the cruel knife and, pulling back the sleeve of my robe, slashed down the length of the inside of my forearm. I screamed as blood began to spill profusely from the wound, and, to my absolute horror, some of the Rippers licked splatters of it off the floor. Mustering everything I had I shouted again:

“Unhand me, foul demons, your power over me is none for I am the fire that burns brightly through the night!”

Again, to my astonishment, the Rippers complied, backing away. Those who had drank my blood began to look ill and rushed out of the room, several others following behind them, looks of fear clouding their faces. Bethany tried to rally her followers but only a few of them complied. Those that did stay pulled knives like the one Sarah held and began to advance on me again. I was afraid and not confident that another shout would keep them from stabbing me to death.

I reached into my robe, at first thinking to grab my tiny pocket knife as if it would be any match for their cruel blades, but instead my hand landed on the water bottle. I pulled this bottle out and uncapped it.

“Spirits of light, bless this water, let it be used to cleanse these foul demons from this earth!” I cried, then doused my attackers. Incredibly, this also seemed to work, as the Rippers fell to the floor shouting and writhing in pain. At this point Bethany fled, calling after her comrades. I felt weak. I was soaked in my own blood. Still, I managed to find the pocket knife, simply ignoring the writhing Rippers who seemed incapacitated for the moment and cut free Adelaide and then Garrett. Garrett, once free of his bonds and gag was in good enough shape, but Adelaide could barely stand. I went to cut Clare down but by then the Rippers were starting to find their knives and composure. I realized there was no way I could save her too. Throwing Adelaide over my shoulder I shouted at Garrett to run, and run we did.

Although I hadn’t been playing any sports lately, I was grateful for the years of football training that gave me the stamina to run with another person draped over my shoulder as the three of us busted out of the basement. We were met with Rippers, lead by an raging Bethany, who blocked the front entrance, and we scrambled away looking for another way out. I could hear Bethany shrieking orders, but as I looked back I could see that her forces were moving sluggishly. Apparently they were still demoralized from my earlier efforts against them.


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