15 Things To Do When You’re Exhausted And Overwhelmed From Life

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Overwhelm. We’ve all been there, and it comes in different shapes, forms and sizes. But it feels the same: like nothing seems to be working for you —and you’re ready to cry, quit or sit on your couch for days.

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re going through a quarter life crisis, overcoming a tough break up or trying to figure out our careers, it happens.

But there are two ways to deal with overwhelm: make it worse, and focus on what isn’t working —or pour some self love and energy back into ourselves. Here are 15 things to do when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed from life:

1. Disconnect from the noise —and seek silence and solitude. Spending time alone is a great way to re-charge and deepen your connection with the most important person in your world: yes, you.

2. Take a moment to celebrate the places you’ve won, even if they seem insignificant. No matter how far you feel you’ve got to go, there are places in your life where you’ve done incredible. Instead of focusing on what isn’t working, take a moment and honor your wins, the places you showed courage and overcame a challenge.

3. Go on a “you” date, doing whatever lights you up. Again, spending time with yourself and being unapologetic about it will reap endless benefits.

4. Encourage others and send appreciation their way. Having a really rough day? Take a moment and send 3 people messages about how much you appreciate them. Giving is an incredible mirror of self love and appreciation, instantly making us feel a little lighter.

5. Spend time in nature without a phone. Nature is where healing happens, and we remember what truly matters. Get outside, feel some sun on your face and disconnect from the endless noise of social media.

6. Find a simple way to tap into your curiosity and fun. When you’re curious, you’re open to possibility. Overwhelm is the opposite —spend time doing something you’re deeply interested in.

7. Remember emotional states are fleeting and like anything in nature —they don’t last. Much like the tides, emotional states come and go. Sure, when you’re in them you think they’ll last forever, but remember: tomorrow is a brand new day.

8. Call an old friend and express what you’re feeling. That one person you haven’t talked to in ages? Reach out. Expression is a form of healing and recovery no matter what you’re going through.

9. Pick up the old hobby you stopped doing: the guitar, drawing, cooking, etc. These are the activities where you forget all of your problems and immerse yourself in whatever lights your soul on fire.

10. Journal all of your thoughts. Even though they may sound like a crazy person, journaling is a beautiful way to release our emotions. Getting them on paper instantly dissolves the power they have over us, and you’ll feel like a burden has come off your shoulders.

11. Listen to empowering information. There are so many incredible podcasts, online videos and information to help you gain perspective and remind you that you’re not alone.

12. Have an epic cry. You know those cries. They’re messy, yet therapeutic. Let it all go and don’t hold back. This is your body releasing all the emotions stuck inside.

13. Get your sweat on. This may be the last thing you want to do, but getting a great workout in —hike, yoga, or anything in between will shift your perspective and provide a sense of relief and clarity.

14. Meditate. Do a guided meditation for at least 15 minutes and watch your worries slowly fade. Allow yourself to go deep, to remember what you’re going through will soon pass and you’re the only one in control.

15. Surrender. Lastly, sometimes all you have to do is surrender and allow whatever feelings you have to completely pass through you. This is not giving up, this is honoring yourself and being okay with not feeling amazing.

These practices will build a powerful foundation of connection and appreciation with yourself —and give you back your clarity, perspective and much needed energy no matter what’s happening. Lastly, remember: this too shall pass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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