4 Reasons We Need To Bring Back Suits

Mad Men
Mad Men

It’s hard to explain exactly why, but there’s just something about suits. There’s no real reason that some well-cut cloth should be able to turn even the average-est of Joes into a sharp and sophisticated lady killer (okay, maybe that last part is just in my head), but it just does. Whilst your average 21st century guy tends to scrub up quite well, he doesn’t hold a candle to his suit-wearing counterpart from 50-60 years ago. At some point somebody decided they were too formal to wear every day; in truth, they’re too brilliant not to.

1. Dude, you look awesome!

The fact is, girls like a guy who knows how to dress well and makes an effort to do so. T-shirts are all well and good in your lounge, whilst alone, demolishing a pizza and bathed in the red glow of the Netflix home-screen, but when it’s time to head outside, looking sharp is the name of the game. Who knows when you’re going to meet somebody you want to make a good impression on? You only get one chance to make that first impression so you owe it yourself to look as suave and collected as possible every time you hit the streets.

2. “So, are you like, a CEO or something?”

Today, people associate suits with a certain amount of power or wealth due to the fact that only jobs that pay reasonably high salaries expect you to suit up daily. Whilst a sad situation in general, this is great news for you. Regardless of how financially troubled you are in reality, every time you stroll up to the bar and order a drink in a three-piece suit, half the room is going to be under the impression that you’re the Wolf of frickin’ Wall Street. No other piece of clothing exudes class and confidence like a well-tailored suit.

3. Confidence

Whilst it’s true that you might not be better in any way than the people you’re passing on the street, but if you’re wearing a suit, it damn feels that way. Stepping out in a nice two-piece is like a shot of adrenalin to your self-esteem; sure you might not be James Bond, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen rolled into one, but at least you feel like it.

4. You catch every eye in the room

Another plus of suits not being generally worn nowadays is that when you do wear one, you stand out. Even in a society where everybody is constantly picking up on new trends in order to look better than one another, the understated cool of a suit is a trump card you can always pull out; nothing beats it. Sure, a select group of people might think you’re overdressed and an idiot, but let’s be honest, someone who has a vendetta against suits and everything they supposedly ‘stand for’, is hardly the sort of person you want to be associated with.

Drop the act hippy, you know I look awesome *adjusts tie*. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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