20 Snapchats To Send In Your 20s

Your twenties should be a time for experimenting with different types of communication. Are you going to be a writer? Are you going to make sure your voice is heard? Are you going to Snapchat? All of these are valuable questions you need to start asking yourself if you haven’t already. In any case, here are 20 Snapchats you should send before you’re 30.

1) Your shoes

2) What you’re currently eating

3) A selfie

303922_10151333789411711_1679072535_n (1)

4) The view outside your window

5) A mutual friend

6) The cover of the book you’re reading

7) Your dog/cat walking around

8) A person sitting near you

9) Art you find inspiring but not that inspiring

10) Something you’re watching on Netflix

Wiki Commons

11) A shadow puppet

12) Twirling around as if you’re in a tornado

13) A concert

14) Classmates during a boring lecture

15) The sky

16) Something you just bought

Wiki Commons

17) Your graduation

18) Miller High Life

19) The grocery store

20) A cool shell

One snapchat of the fingers and life may pass you by. Get on these people! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

shoe image – Wiki Commons

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