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“How To Learn Effective Web Design In A Day By Watching The Season 2 Premiere Of HBO’s Girls On 1/13/13”

“Louisville Beat Florida 33-23 In The Sugar Bowl By Watching HBO’s Critically-Acclaimed Girls Return Not This Upcoming Sunday But The Next Sunday After That”

“Learn 24 Vegetarian Recipes By Watching HBO’s Girls Return On January The Thirteenth”

“How To Tell The Same Joke Over And Over Again By Watching Lena Dunham & The Girls 1/13 At The Home Box Office Theater”

“John Boehner Re-Elected House Speaker By Watching A Lot Of Girls On HBO”

“20 Twenty-Somethings That Found A Job By Watching HBO ‘This Is HBO’s’ Emmy-Nominated Girls

“50 Fifty-Somethings That Employed A Twenty-Something By Watching The Second Season Of HBO’s Girls Kickoff Like A Soccer Ball Kicked By Girl, Mia Hamm”

“BuzzFeed Raised $19.3 Million In New Investments By Watching The Secret Lives Of American Girls

Carrie Diaries Premieres January 14th By Watching Girls Premiere January 13th”

“50 Gifs Of Cats That Became Cute By Watching On January 13th When The Girls Make Their Grand And Triumphant And Hip-Hip-Hooray Return To HBO”

“How To Say You’re Sorry For Wasting People’s Time By Watching The DVD Of The First Season Of Girls Available Now On Amazon and”

“GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS By Watching Girls On HBO”

National Treasure 3 Announced, Lena Dunham Starring As The National Treasure” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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