5 Halloween Costume Ideas To Definitely Stay Away From This Year

Julia Raasch
Julia Raasch

Halloween 2016 is quickly approaching, and with that comes a new wave of costume ideas. It’s awesome seeing great new costumes every year, but it’s also important to recognize the bad ones. Here are some of the more popular costume ideas floating around that you should stay away from this year for Halloween.

1. Harambe the Gorilla

Remember how much of an opinion everyone had when they killed that gorilla at the zoo after a small child fell into the enclosure? Why even risk opening that bag of opinions again on Halloween night? The killing of Harambe is a good example that shows how everyone is outraged about everything, but no one actually cares. Everyone felt compelled to chime in on this when it happened, so why risk the chance of listening to more people chime in on it again on Halloween night to your gorilla masked face.

2. Snapchat Filters

It’s going to be really weird looking back on the history of human photography. At one point everyone was angry and motionless looking into the distance and everything was in black and white. Eventually we progressed to color photos; mainly of weddings, birthdays, and close ups of your mom’s thumb from accidentally covering up the lens. Eventually it morphed into photos that were purposely edited to look like they were taken in the 1980s (Instagram filter), and we’ve now moved into taking pictures of ourselves with superimposed animal faces on them. Let’s not solidify this moment in time more than we already have.

3. Clowns

I don’t know how this clown phenomenon became a thing or whether it’s intended to be funny or scary, but I do know that it’s fucking stupid. I’m all for a good prank if it’s done well, but this isn’t even clever. Not to mention the fact that we now have to listen to actual clowns talk about how it’s affected their lives negatively as if Stephen King’s It hasn’t already existed for over 25 years.

4. Chewbacca Mom

I don’t so much hate the lady behind the mask of Chewbacca Mom, as I more so hate that we as a group of people allowed it to become more than just a video. This clip is a good summation of what is now called “news.” It’s a minute and a half segment on a woman who laughed in a Chewbacca mask, lost her mask on a flight, and is now taking selfies with people who can say they met Chewbacca mom.

Congratulations to the people who got to have their photo taken with Chewbacca Mom. Have fun explaining that picture to your kids in 5 years, or really even just 5 months, and have fun explaining why you dressed up as her for Halloween as well.

5. Anyone in Politics (Specifically Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump)

We’ve already dealt with seeing these people on every other post on Facebook for what seems like the past 7 years. Do we really need to see a bunch of costumed versions of them out on Halloween? If you dress up as Hilary, you’re probably going to come across someone who takes politics way too seriously and is going to want to debate you on why she’s not the right choice for president. Nothing says fun Halloween like a serious debate on politics after 6 beers. It’s either that or you’ll get some horrible pick-up lines along the lines of, “That’s a nice pantsuit, but I bet it would look a lot better on my bedroom floor.”

If you’re going out dressed up as Donald Trump most women are going to be grossed out, and you’ll get a lot of unwanted fist bumps from locker room” dudes saying things like, “Make that pussy great again am I right?” If you feel like you have to go as something political at least dress up as a giant “Johnson” and write the word Gary on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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