25 Things I Learned At Age 24

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I just recently turned 25, and I had a pretty wild ride at age 24 where I learned a lot.  I was employed, moved across the country from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Portland with a friend who left for a job promotion within two months of being out there.  I couldn’t find a job so I moved into a storage shed and my sister’s upstairs couch for a month until I moved into an apartment in Eugene, Oregon and eventually landed a job and place in San Diego.  When it was all said and done I had sent out over 100 resumes and cover letters, and had moved into five different places in 6 months.  Your 24th year on this planet may or may not be as all over the place as mine, but either way I thought I would pass some things I learned last year onto you:

1  There are few things more satisfying in this life than drinking a few beers on a roof with some friends watching the sunset.

2  If you’re going to move somewhere new, have a job or at least a friend that lives there.

3  If I had a dollar for every dollar I put down as a deposit for rent, I’d have the correct amount of money I should actually own.

4  The worst part of life is waiting.

5  Being bad at pool just means you get to play longer.

6  People still do meth. (This is the only time you want to be featured in the before section of before and after photos.)

7  Going to a bar alone is not fun.

8  Rodeo people ALWAYS look like rodeo people.

9  It’s way harder to meet new people after college.

10  Getting a job even with a college education is damn near impossible (I was turned down for a minimum wage security position at Target the day after Christmas, and I had experience working at a state penitentiary.)

11  There are people that have been watching C.S.I. for 14 years now (C.S.I. – Same plot, different victim names).

12  People talk and complain about the weather no matter where you go.

13  Fortune cookies no longer tell you your fortune.

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14  Keep in touch with your close friends.  You became friends with them for a reason.

15  It’s good to have a chip on your shoulder. It motivates you.

16  If you come to a point in your life where you are taking a lot of time to match your socks, go buy a pack of new socks.

17  Everyone knows a Nathan. If you don’t know a Nathan, you are a Nathan.

18  If you want to do something you love, you may have to do it for free for a while.

19  A large majority of full grown adults are terrible at their job.

20  Home is where your stuff is.

21  You can tell how unhappy someone is on the inside by how frequently they update their profile picture on Facebook.

22  Don’t waste your time organizing your silverware from the dishwasher.

23  After all these years, my favorite haircut style is still the same: “This, but generally shorter.”

24  The express line at the grocery store should be 9 items or less AND under the age of 65.

25.  The next generation of kids will be born with longer arms… so that they can take better selfies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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