The Truth Is, Life’s Too Short To Give A F*ck

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

Life is full of disappointments and realizations, one of them being that honestly life’s too short to give a f*ck.

Life’s too short to give a f*ck about what people think about you.
Life’s too short to give a f*ck about what people talk about you.

Always keep in mind those things are on them, not you.

The good thing about being disappointed by so called friends and close people is that you learn to rely on yourself more and more each time. You get to appreciate how temporary some of those people and situations are, and how little weight they hold in your life in the grander scheme of things.

Everyone you meet, whether you realize it or not, has an impact in your life, from the janitor in your high school, the super in your building, your local bodega guy, the stranger you spoke to at the park or bus stop, your parents, friends and bosses. They all affect you and they will all teach you something or bring things into your life. I guess when you (start) grow(ing) up, though, you choose consciously who you will let affect your life and to what extent.

Sometimes we let others’ opinions and judgments affect us and the quality of our lives and decision making because we try to fit in into their tight little molds and expectations of us. The only thing this will do is bog us down and make us insecure about our dreams, about our own expectations and wishes for our lives and it will completely disempower us from the path we know we should walk.

We’re trying so hard not to damage the image others have constructed of us and honestly, that’s no way to live–not happily, at least.

When you adopt this “Life’s too short to give a f*ck” frame of mind you will know the things you can live with and the things that absolutely have to go and you’ll act accordingly, trust you’re making the right choice for you.

You get pickier and that’s a good thing because you start focusing more on what truly matters for you and your life, to fulfill your own purpose. Cut off shamelessly, drop the guilt. Move on. Be better and do better. Strive for that each day.

Life’s too short to give a f*ck about other’s expectations. We’re all soon going to die, do you really want to go with that unnecessary weight on your shoulders?

Life’s too short to not do the things you love. And do them shamelessly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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