The Equinox Of You And Me

Alice Donovan Rouse

The leaves rustle with every step
My hand in yours –
Our hair unkempt

We talk about life, the good of this earth
You glance at me longingly –
Rekindling my worth

The wind caresses my cheek
It was a field of red and golden hues –
I could not bring myself to speak

We spend moments in solace, over wine, and cheese
Pulling me up to my feet to dance –
My longing for thrill only you could appease

Soon, it was cold even with coats on our frames
As the moon crept into the sky –
You hold me close, my body in flames

Glistening eyes from ludicrous laughter
You kissed me like it was the first time –
And that’s when I fell altogether

I knew that autumn meant leaves falling
From deciduous trees, whispering death –
Yet it was our love’s awakening
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