21 Disney Employees Tell The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Seen At The Park

20. Tagstit

Employee at the original Disneyland here. I have spent most of my time at the gate and screening tents. I’ll list a few.
Man cold clocks a girl security guard in California adventure on New Years Eve. All Disney police come out and a massive fight breaks out between security and the guy with his two friends. The original attacker chips his tooth and starts yelling OWW repeatedly from under like 4 or 5 guards on the floor. States that he gave them NO right to touch him like that.
While screening, an Asian man comes in with a Segway (not allowed) goes right past me and ignored everything I say. He has like 12 people with him (all Mexican) and talks only through them. His friend states that I may not check his things and his Segway is his disability device. The Asian guys manner suggests he is used to being treated like a king. He doesn’t look me in the eye, wearing business attire, says he knows a CEO etc. I tell him to stay there while a lead comes out. He starts heading very slowly to Disneyland gate trying to sneak away. I walk up to him and he tells me that I will get Disney in big trouble for what I’m doing. Security ends up coming and spends two hours with him before they escort him out of the resort. The Asian man and the Mexican group with him reveal cameras and microphones all on them and say they are making a lawsuit case out of this exchange. Nothing came of it…
Recently a hobo man comes in, throws a snail stuffed animal (like from Turbo that one movie no one saw) into some bushes and we treat it like a potential threat (bomb). We separated the area while the dogs were coming to investigate. I lose track of time and a kid hands it to me saying it was lost and found by him. I freaked out a little but it was just a stuffed animal in the end.
Man calls my friend a bitch at the ticket area. I closed off his area and said you aren’t coming in today please choose a day you can be a human being. It felt amazing. He eventually came in though after an hour with managers.
Lady has a jug for her kid to pee in. Idk why. We tell her anything to hold what should go in sewage is not allowed. She says she will take it back to her car. Tries to hide pee jar on her person. Gets it all over her.
Fat fat fat fat fat lady tries to fit through turnstile. Can’t. Tries big stroller gate. Can’t. We had to open our overflow gate for her. She was pissy with me the whole time as if I forced pounds and pounds of sugar and fat down her for all those years.
Guy comes in with his moms pass (he is about 22 years old) no picture on file with a name of Pauline. Wanting to not directly call him out I asked about it and he stated it’s just a weird name his parents gave him and I shouldn’t ask about it. We pull up the file to ask him some questions about the pass (simple things like Birthday, email etc. to see if it matches the info on the card) He gets on the phone as we pull it up and as we ask him questions he describes the question on the phone (saying BIRTHDAY really loud when it’s asked of him). It’s obviously it’s his mom he called because he didn’t know her bday. He even got it wrong when his mom told him directly on the phone. We took the pass and he tried to Bro fight me?? I guess? Where he gets all close and says WTF bro what’s your problem bro? Come at me. He eventually was escorted out.
Big lady driving an ECV crashes into the stroller gate as my friend is opening it, breaking his arm (most gates on Disney side have been removed since if you’ve been recently.)
Many personal vibrators found while looking through bags…some people really like Disney.
Some big lady on an ECV kept snatching her bag from me just as I was about finished, and it made me investigate it more and I found tequila at the bottom. She said she forgot it was in there and chews me out.
Angry guy with poor English is trying to get in to California Adventure with no ticket. I find out he is really trying to go to his car. I explain in as many ways as I can that the park is not where his car is. He gets so mad that he takes all my maps and throws them on the ground and shakes my turnstile. I opened my gate and let him in. Felt evil, I wish I could have followed him to see how far he went before realizing he is no where near where he wants to be.


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