21 Disney Employees Tell The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Seen At The Park

18. vashthechibi

I used to be a Cast Member, and would work evenings on the attraction Sounds Dangerous: Staring Drew Carey. Sadly, this attraction is now closed, but it was fun for me during my College Program. Most of the workers didn’t like the gig because you had to get on stage and give a speech, and it was a “one man show” kind of attraction, so you worked alone. For me, it was a chance to get a few hours to myself while working in the busy park (my other position was at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular).
Anyone who is familiar with the attraction knows that there were eight minutes of complete darkness during the show so that they can play mind games with sounds (buzzing bees, knives whizzing past your head, etc.). What they didn’t know is that I had a monitor in the back connected to a night vision camera so I could keep an eye out for children that got scared and I could help escort them out.
Yeah, it was fun to watch the reaction of audience members when the sounds were happening, especially how everyone would squirm and scream when the elephant squirted water at them, but it was far more interesting to watch people who thought no one could see them.
There were lots of people making out. I have heard some stories of people trying to have sex (don’t ask me how, but I’m pretty sure they were caught since the screen comes back on half way through and then goes out again).
I never saw anything that extreme, but here is my wildest story. One time, as soon as the lights went out, I saw a guy straight up finger bang his girlfriend/wife. It was obvious that he had been on the attraction before because he had it timed perfectly so that no one knew what he was doing. He wasn’t even caught when the lights suddenly came on, and he was back at it as soon as the lights went out again.
These kinds of things were not common occurrence, but it was funny to watch those people carry on as if nothing ever happened afterwards.
TL;DR: Disney is not just a family park. Sometimes, it’s a family making park, and not even Drew Carey can stop it.


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