21 Disney Employees Tell The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Seen At The Park

11. bobwonderpanda

I was a Disney employee for the summer. My two favorite memories:
Coming out of a bathroom stall and washing my hands next to a half dressed Mary Poppins.
I was sitting with a group of guys by where Mickey and Minnie get dressed. When they came out, the guys started cat-calling Minnie. The guy that was Mickey said, in a perfect Mickey voice, “If you look at my girlfriend again I’m gonna pop ya!”

12. Schweppes7T4

A co-worker of my at Disney World once helped escort Michael Jackson through some employee only areas to avoid the crowds surrounding him.
He got an autograph on a napkin.

13. IWasGoofyAMA

I was out in Fantasyland/Hub as the Queen of Hearts (who is pretty much always played by a dude) and there was an Alice and both Tweedles out there with me as well. We were having lots of fun as a unit, with me acting like a prissy bitch and making people bow/curtsy to me and kiss my hand etc; and the Tweedles causing general mischief while Alice talked to kids. We were over near the dumbo ride, and there’s a small fountain over near the line for the ride that was drained for whatever reason on this day. All of the coins that people throw into were still in the fountain. I guess one of the Tweedles decided they wanted to steal some change, but they’re only about 5’5″, and the costume is basically built around a hula hoop to give them the round shape, so when he bent over into the fountain, he fell in and was stuck. I just remember turning around and seeing his feet sticking into the air kicking back and forth out of he fountain. It was amazing.

14. overnight_cm_girl

overnight cast member here. Please PLEASE leave your cremated loved ones at home. stop dumping them in Haunted Mansion. They just get vacuumed up and disposed of.


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