50 People On The Thing They Hate Most About Sex


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1. PilotTheCannibal

When one person’s hair gets in another person’s mouth.

2. TulipCuster

No foreplay. I can’t speak for all the ladies but a little spit isn’t enough. Can’t we just spend 5 minutes warming up so we BOTH enjoy it?!

3. NickMoore911

Instantly losing energy after finishing. It makes mornings frustrating when my SO is in the mood and I still have my whole day ahead of me. The sex itself is great, but falling asleep after? Fuck that.

4. saucyyy

When it lasts too long and starts to hurt.

5. Mamy2237

We do an awkward dance over to the edge of the bed to make sure he doesn’t exit me. Then I do a weird, penguin walk to the bathroom, keeping my thighs together. It’s very sexy.

6. pinkamena_pie

Being with someone new for the first time, worrying about how I look. I have body image issues. I can’t relax.

7. Madeleine49

That it’s very erotic, but not pleasurable. I don’t know if there are other women who have had this experience. He came and is done and I’m painfully turned on with no way to ease it…

8. kwalkerm

Someone has to sleep in the wet spot at the end of the night…

9. rach506

Cramp! When you get cramp in the middle of sex it kinda ruins the whole moment

10. dontforgetthis2

That fart sound two sweaty pelvis’ make

11. BloodQueef_McOral

The unaimable piss afterwards.

12. aquafemme

I think it’s unfortunate guys think they have to last long time. I have fun for the first few minutes but then I get tired of being plowed.

13. Pufflehuffy

I’ve read most of the way down and can’t believe this isn’t here, but for women, how easy it is to get a UTI if you don’t pee right after sex and how easy some lubes and condoms can give you yeast infections. Or maybe my junk is just sensitive, but it SUCKS!

14. Crimsos

The fact that I absolutely can’t cum when it’s my first time with a partner. I get so nervous or something.. I will keep going and after a significant amount of time it’s like bumping bruises. D:

15. Ladylegs

I hate dealing with semen leaking out of me for however many hours it is until I take a bath or shower. No matter how much wiping is done, and even if I go pee right after, there’s an uncomfortable sticky feeling between my legs until I am thoroughly washed. I always say pull out, but in the heat of passion, especially when our orgasms or in sync, that almost never happens.

16. ChezySpam

I have a hard time with round 2. When I blow a load, I am done. The desire is gone. Asking for round 2 as if it is expected makes me a bit anxious.

17. initialsdrummer

Getting to the point. I know I wanna bang you and I know you wanna bang me. Can I just say let’s fuck and just get on with it?

18. mighty_lion

Worrying what my face looks like/how weird of a face I am making.

19. mynameisfruity

Finishing. Sometimes I just get into a great groove with my SO and I just want to stay on that plateau forever. Hawt diggity.

20. honkybonks

The fact i feel i need to apologize after orgasm

21. mobius1_j

I hate the part where it tend to make babies !

22. gilbatron

the smell of genitalia after a long and hard day at work

23. Landeroschris

Women only want it when they’re in the mood. However, if I’m not in the mood she immediately feels unattractive and ugly. Wtf?

24. fittygitty

Waiting for my girlfriend to have her period after we inevitably have drunk unprotected sex.

25. chimeratx

That a possible female partner won’t cum every time we have sex, that seriously demotivates me. I care more about her being satisfied than me.

26. CommanderpKeen

The pressure on performance. As a guy, I feel like I’m on stage, and I gotta put on a great show. Otherwise I’ll get booed off, or I’ll leave the crowd…unsatisfied.

27. cynikalAhole99

Really hate how it always inflames my carpel tunnel…and the tendonitis in my forearm.. The pain and cramping really kills the mood…

28. LKrimm

Being on top and being terrified of accidentally breaking the dude’s dick.. I know this is a little absurd, but I can’t shake the thought

29. Wombmate

(in reference to 28) I’m a guy and, honestly, it terrifies me, too. Sometimes I start focusing on making sure it’s in a good spot and it stops being fun.

30. Auphyr

I’m a guy and I hate that I do most of the work and feel gross for being all sweaty when the girl isn’t. Idk if she is thinking it is unattractive or not, but if she was I wish she would say something so I could point out that she was just laying there enjoying my effort the whole time haha.
To those ladies that put in work, I salute you!

31. drknight

I really hate wearing a condom. It always feels weird, and kind of constricts my tubes. Hurts a bit, and I can’t feel a thing. I’ve had painful experiences with condoms. Also, the anxiety caused by the pressure to perform well with a new partner.

32. grownupbraces

I can’t believe this hasn’t been said, but all the prep work! Shave my legs, shave my pits, shave my vag, pluck those random boob hairs, exfoliate, moisturizer, cute yet uncomfortable underwear, push up bras, UGH.

33. devilsdank

When he accidentally shoved it in my ass. Fuck that.

34. johnny_christ

When you’re a little drunk and it takes forever to get it up and then you have to awkwardly ask for help even though you know that if you hadn’t had those last two beers, this would NOT be a problem.
Oh, and then when you finally do get it up, but your dick’s about just as numb as your fingers, still a little floppy, and you’re not 100% sure you’re in there after you tried for 20 seconds and look like a dumb shit.
TL;DR: Don’t drink too much before sex kids. You’re gonna have a bad time (but still pretty good all things considered).

35. Sleepydude2

As a girl who is always horny and good to go having a boyfriend who is not always horny is definitely difficult and a bummer so what I hate about sex is my high sex drive I guess :-(

36. meeaux

As a woman who is very insecure about her body, I hate how exposed and vulnerable I am during sex. All I can think about during sex is how fat I must look or how imperfect my body is. After almost every sexual encounter I have, I’m almost certain the guy will never talk to me again because he saw some flaw in my body. It’s a sucky feeling

37. illdrawyourface

Queefs. They fucking suck. When you’re trying to be serious they just ruin everything. He just busts out laughing and I just want to roll over and forget the whole thing.

38. emperoroflumbridge

I’m a guy and society tells me that I’m always supposed to be horny. You know what? Sometimes sex isn’t appealing. Sometimes I just want sit down and just focus on playing video games or something non sex related.

39. givesnoshits

The loss of interest in the girl I just had sex with. I just want her to leave so I can be alone or do something else without her around.

40. ShinedownBoomLay


41. Leeloou


42. _CNASTY_

The lack of it. :(

43. fukitok

When the cats/dog comes in and jumps on the bed like, “What’s up guys? What’s goin on over here?”

44. sluttyfuckwaffle

As a woman, I hate that I can’t just have a “friend fuck”. If we do the deed, bet your ass I’ve already planned out our life together for the next 10 years.

45. WhyAreYouUpsideDown

How jizz just LINGERS in my vag for ages, slowly trickling out. And just when I think I’ve got it all, and I put pants on and go outside and do other stuff… BAM. More jizz.
I leak liquids out of my cunt often enough already. >.<

46. wiccangirl119

Squirting. It can be mortifying if my partner doesn’t know already.

47. arrestedmonk

That no matter how much I love you, i’ll always want to fuck other women.

48. immorta1

All the work that is put into getting it sometimes.

49. DoinItDirty

Chest farts. Everyone who has ever had sex and gotten all sweaty in missionary position knows exactly what I am talking about. Chest farts.

50. ACCrowley

Porns influence on the way men fuck.
From women everywhere: Gentleman, please stop doing this.
Before my husband who luckily understands this, I was so tired of being fucked like we needed to position ourselves for the best camera angle. Every three minutes. Stop throwing me around and putting me in the most ridiculous positions you can think of. It isnt for my benefit, it’s for some imaginary audience and it always indicates to me youve picked up the majority of your skills not from real sex but from watching men fuck in porns. Which is a turn off, actually. Men in porn are almost always gross with how they fuck.
I definitely think sex is best when men just stop performing and arent feeling this pressure to fuck like a porn star. The best sex Ive had has been slightly awkward, maybe half off the bed, face smushed against a wall, a cramp in your foot etc It wasnt pretty. You arent being graded for how good it looks, though. And in porns they are carfeful not to crowd the woman because it fucks up visibility, so there is minimal contact between the two. Real sex shouldnt be like that. Crowd her and let her crowd you. It’s intimacy, not a performance.
Also stop saying the most vulgar/cocky shit you can think of, unless the girl specifically tells you she likes that. And on the flip side, no one is going to care if you make a few noises either, by the way. In fact we like it. A genuine groan from your dude is so much hotter than some contrived, cocky bullshit like, ‘yeah, you like that cock dont you?” between silent, zoned out panting. And also, no, Im not going to scream at the top of my lungs when I orgasm, if you didnt notice I orgasmed it was because I wasnt trying to make a fucking spectacle of it to indicate clearly for the cameras that Ive come. I was feeling it and in the moment and maybe I just softly moaned and it was good but not lose-consciousness like Ive been hit by a freight train good. Cause that isnt real. Im not a porn star either, see.
I could go on.
Porn =/= real sex and vice versa. Stop trying to force it to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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