Watch This Twisted Idiot Lure A Cat Over And Throw It 30 Feet Onto Pavement

It’s hard to trigger several extreme emotions in a short Vine that’s no longer than 4 or 5 seconds, but this guy, username: Chino Beama, has found a way. I replayed it again and again to confirm my fear that it was actually a real cat being launched into the air like a football, and was disgusted a little bit more each time. The chuckle of his cameraman is equally frustrating/disturbing, and anyone willing to do this kind of harm to an animal has enough loose screws to be a risk to other people.

As someone who isn’t a cat person per say, but is a sane human being, this is disturbing and it’s unfortunate that whoever this man is, he probably won’t be reprimanded for his disgusting actions. Luring a cat in just to abuse it shouldn’t be a hobby, and we should spread it to see if this moron can be tracked down and punished. TC Mark

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