The Extremely Troubling Frustrations Of Interacting With Fake People

It bothers me that people put on a façade. They will be this entirely different person when you’re not around, but the moment you show up they put on a metaphorical mask and embrace their inner thespian. It is something that happens entirely too much, something that should not happen. In layman’s terms, I’m sick of fake people.

Throughout my life, I have seen people play the role of different characters around their peers. At times, they could be the worst of people. When I was in high school, one of my closest friends had a high school sweetheart that would act completely nice to me whenever he was around. However, when he left the room, it was a different story. She was the worst type of person: she would talk down to me as well as my other friends, she would have the “I’m better than you” mentality, and she thought the world revolved around her. In the few minutes he would be gone, she’d make you feel worthless. Ironically, the moment he walked back into the room, she would go back to being nice and even give me a hug whenever I left to go home.

I haven’t had a full blown conversation with either of them in years, but he is no longer with her. I can only assume the day finally came where he saw her true colors. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, he is now happily committed to a woman that seems more right for him and seems completely genuine. From what I have heard from mutual friends, she is very nice to them—even when he isn’t in the room.

But this example just drives home the point, people wear these metaphorical masks depending on who they are with. Instead of embracing their true personality, they change who they are around select people. There have been people in this world who badmouthed me when I am not in the room, but treat me like a brother whenever I show up. I have confronted people on this behavior only to be met with denial. I dabbled in all forms of communication in college, and I can identify when someone is telling me complete hogwash. I prefer to address problems head on. It frustrates me when people would rather keep their mask on, instead of taking it off and revealing their true colors.

At times, I have been accused of similar behavior. However, there is a difference between wearing masks and showing extensions of your personality. The way that I talk to my boss at work will be different than the way I talk to a friend. The conversations I have with a grandparent will be different than those I have with my brother. It isn’t being fake, but rather showcasing different elements of a single personality.

It can be frustrating when people don’t embrace their true selves. However, I am a believer that in time everyone reveals their true colors. If you treat people with respect and truly put a valiant effort into being a good person, good things can and will happen. However, if you only pretend to be this kind and genuine person, one day the truth will come out. I believe in karma, and one day karma will get those who will drag the names of others in the mud.

In a world where many people wear these metaphorical masks, you just have to look in the mirror and ask yourself “is this my true self?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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