10 More Commandments We All Need To Live By In 2016

Tamara Menzi
Tamara Menzi

XI. Thou shalt not suggest thy singular perspective is appropriate for thy neighbor.

XII. Thou shalt not conflate thyself with thy selfie.

XIII. Thou shalt not a.) bitch or b.) offer prayers about situations thine hath either a.) created or b.) ignored.

XIV. Thou shalt refrain from conversations about thy crossfit training, thy current medical condition, thy political views or thy baby.

XV. Thou shalt not drive slowly in thy left hand lane or get on thy subway before others get off.

XVI. Thou shalt not make celebrity thine only pursuit.

XVII. Thou shalt not comment upon shit about which thy knows nothing.

XVIII. Thou shalt not encourage or reward demagoguery or horseshittery.

XIX. Thou shalt not use thine religion as a platform to perpetuate thine ignorance.

XX. Thou shalt not always be so goddamned thin-skinned. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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