9 Little Things Men Unknowingly Do That Make Them More Attractive To Women


I remember sitting between two of my good friends at my favorite chicken wings joint — Smoke Eaters.

We were hungry. Grouchy. At the same time, feeling fully alert to every little sound and thing happening around us.

The only antidote that kept us calm and on our best behavior were the flat-screen TVs that displayed a horde of football players tackling each other to the ground. As well as my friend’s frantic rant about why our food hasn’t arrived yet.

My attention slowly started to disconnect from the world, until suddenly my ears perked up.

“Man, if I had to start dating again…”

DATING. A topic I excelled at.

“…I wouldn’t know where to start. From what I heard, women are more fickle than ever. So what does a guy, living in this modern world today, need to do to make a woman really like him?”

Both of my friends had long, committed relationships (7+ years to be exact). So clearly, they had NO idea what went on beyond the scope of their own relationship.

But then again, it struck me by surprise how they didn’t realize their own charm. How they were still able to woo their partner after being together for so many years.

The truth is, there’re so many things men do that drive women crazy, that could make her fall hard for you (again).

Often it’s the small gestures men don’t realize they do that make them more desirable not just to their wives, their girlfriends and their dates, but to all women.

1. Shields his girl from potential danger.

Women are very alert to their surroundings, especially if she can smell potential danger from a mile away. That’s why when you pull her to the safe side, away from jabbering lunatics, speeding cars, a loitering gang, she immediately feels secure around you. A trust that usually takes months, if not years, to build.

It’s a simple act, but one that’s super effective in showing your upmost concern for her safety. And while we don’t say it enough, this chivalrous trait is something most women (even the tough nuts) secretly admire in men.

2. Remembers the smallest details about his girl.

Most men are pretty horrible at this.

“Oh, you dyed your hair?”
“Oh, you bought new shoes?”
“Oh, it’s your birthday?”

Women just hate it when they put so much effort into making themselves look nice, only to get no response from her guy. Worse, he doesn’t try to remember the things that matter most to her.

That’s why it’s a bonus trait if you’re very observant and bring up the small things your girl does, before she tells you. It’ll completely blow her mind just to know how much attention you’re giving to learn everything about her.

3. Wraps a blanket around his girl when she’s sleeping.

We might be super exhausted at the end of the day and just crash on the couch/bed. But we’re still conscious of the things happening around us.

So when you go out of your way to find a blanket and wrap it around us until we’re snugly and warm, we feel a slight tingle in our hearts. And a deeper affection that goes way beyond you giving us a bouquet of flowers.

4. Pokes fun of himself.

Often times, men feel nervous about cracking jokes, especially there’s a woman around him. And it’s obvious — men don’t want to embarrass themselves or say the wrong thing that could scare women away.

But that’s the problem — women KNOW when you’re nervous. When you’re treading carefully around them. When you’re not truly yourself. In fact, that’s a bigger turn-off than you just acting silly for the hell of it.

So don’t hold yourself back. Be silly. Be crazy. Say what you think.

Your girl will naturally feel more attracted to your confidence and laid-back attribute.

5. Offers to pay for food and drinks.


In America, the custom for eating out with friends, colleagues and dates, is to go Dutch. The same applies to drinks. While it’s a fair compromise to all parties, it doesn’t help much in getting a girl to see your generous side. Nor your capability to support her, in the future.

I know, it’s 2017. But this is still one of the things many girls personally take into account on their dates.

So the next time you’re out with your girl for dinner, drinks, dessert or even snacks, offer to pay. Doesn’t mean you HAVE to pay for the whole bill (depends on if she counteroffers to pay her share). But at least this will show her that you’re willing to treat her right.

6. Asks if his girl is okay.

Remember: Women analyze every little detail.

So when you ask if she’s okay when…

1. She trips on the sidewalk.
2. She gets into a bad argument.
3. Someone bumps into her.
4. She looks bummed out.

…she’ll wonder how lucky she got being with a man who cares about every little thing that could go wrong in her day.

7. Sacrifices to give her the best.

When there’s a squeaky chair, he brings her the sturdy chair.

When he makes food, he hands her the better-looking plate.

When she’s disappointed in the dish she ordered and actually likes his better, he swaps with her.

By giving her the best in every scenario, you make her feel like a real princess.

8. Expresses his feelings.

Most people find it feminine when a guy reveals his feelings. Simply because when you’re a guy, you’re supposed to be in control of your life — from your job to your lady….to your own emotions.

But the truth is, women love it when you share your feelings with them. It’s in our genetics to talk things out, to give others emotional support. Plus we feel closer knowing that you trust us with your deepest thoughts, your feelings, your dreams and your fears.

9. Pushes himself to the limit.

Nothing is as amazing as watching an ordinary human being transform into a powerful influencer, with admirable talents.

Casey Neistat — Pushed out more than 534 videos on Youtube, consecutively. He’s now one of Youtube’s most prominent vlogger.

Mike Vasquez — Quit smoking and alcohol to workout, so that he could be a good role model for his son. He’s now the top Performix athelete, a breakdancer, fitness model and an online coach.

Gary Vaynerchuk —Did over 2,000 interviews on videos, blogs and podcasts. He’s now an Internet celebrity and the CEO of VaynerMedia.

These are all people who’ve started from nothing. They were nothing. But they became someone extraordinary, because of their go-getter attitude and persistence.

I’m not saying you should aim to be the next online phenomenon, but rather show what you thought you could never do.

Surprise your girl.

You’ll be a keeper when she sees all of these hidden talents that you have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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