A Love Letter To The Healers

Do you have any idea how fabulous, magical, and intensely powerful you are?

Your big heart and capacity to love has oftentimes made you give too much of yourself to others. Your light attracts the sad, the weak, the insecure and the depleted.

You give life to the dead, hope to the hopeless, insight to the confused, and most times people get what they need and leave. Very few stop to say thank you and even fewer turn and ask what they can do for you in return.

Your assignment was ordained before your soul incarnated here. The Creator has placed in you the ability to heal the sick, speak and shift reality, transmute energy, read minds, and more, and albeit overwhelming and exhausting at times, it is necessary.

YOU are necessary.

While I’m sure you’d like nothing more than to be “normal” like everyone else, you are not. In this ugly world where it is difficult to see much good, you were sent to bring about positive change. To awaken the masses with your unique power. To show people who are lost and seeking their God-source that they can find it in the mirror.

Your journey has been a tough and painful one. It still is at times.

So when you feel like taking on the heaviness of the world is too much and you find yourself asking “who heals the healer?” I want you to rest, love.

Ground yourself in the earth.

Let the tide of the ocean give you peace.

Let the wind whisper new revelations regarding your purpose.

Let fire help you to purify and release that which no longer serves you.

The healer is healed by faith—faith that his or her good works will not return void.

God’s hand is sustaining you.

Keep fighting the good fight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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