This Is How The Girl You Ghosted Feels

Brooke Cagle

Just like that you are gone.

Without a goodbye, you walked away from my life.

To you, I will be nothing more than a memory. I will be nothing more than a ghost of a girl that you conversed with.

I sometimes wonder if you ever cared. I wonder if you knew about the emotional damage you would do to me.

You reopened a wound that was only beginning to heal.

You re-exposed me to the agonizing pain of heartbreak, a pain I told myself never to re-experience.

Nowadays, instead of being productive, I find myself profligately replaying our dates.

Like a broken record, my mind is fixated on replaying the memory of our first kiss, the time where you timidly held me as we were parting ways and asked if you could kiss me, the time when you awkwardly pressed your lips against mine.

At the time, I didn’t like you. I found you arrogant. I found you smug. However after that kiss, I found myself foolishly ignoring my prejudiced notion of you. Instead, I found myself preoccupied with the concept of being with you.

From that first kiss, every time I was with you, I felt a euphoria that no synthetic drug could mimic. You took me from my apex to my nadir.

You told me I was beautiful, you told me I was intelligent. However, just as you built my confidence, you tore it all down when you left and now I’m left with the ruins of your doing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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