When You’re Falling For The One Who Leaves You Broken Inside

 Toa Heftiba
Toa Heftiba

Sometimes you fall for the people you least expect.

You fall for that bad boy that your parents warned you about.

You fall for the cold and the aloof.

You fall for the unavailable.

You know that you are not strong enough to deal with it, however logical mind isn’t strident enough to reason with your heart and you fall for them anyways.

Now, you are sitting alone and waiting desperately for a scintilla of reciprocity.

Your heart yearns for his attention.

That euphoria that you feel when there is the slightest attention is depressing.

You know you could have dated someone warmer, someone, who would give you reassurance.

Someone who would remind you how amazing you are but you fall for the person who makes you feel inferior.

You sometimes wonder, how did I get myself into this and why can’t I get out of it?

You know the answer, yet you continue to pretend to be ignorant.

You cling to the hope that he will change and that you can make him change, but that mentality is breaking you.

You sit alone heartbroken.

You become envious of your friends who have ‘good’ relationships.

However, you know deep down that you could have had the same if your heart heeded to your logical mind’s advice.

You wish to get out.

You wish to just run away from your situation, but you always find yourself entering the same dynamic.

You have tried dating the good ones, but you find yourself unable to truly love them.

And then you wonder if you are just too broken inside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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