14 Common Thoughts That Express Your True Feelings About Your 9-5 Workday

1. 7 am “ I still have time to sleep.”

2. 8 am “I should get up soon. Maybe one more snooze button.”

3. 8:10 am “One more snooze button.”

4. 8:20 am “One more snooze button.”

5. 8:30 am “Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap.”

6. 9 am “Why are all these people talking? How are you so happy? Where’s coffee?”

7. 10 am “This coffee has made me so productive, I am like superwoman right now.”

8. 11 am “I wonder if it’s too early to get lunch. What will these people think of me if I eat lunch at 11 am? Do I care?”


10. 1 pm “I’m seriously regretting that extra-long chili cheese hot dog I had for lunch.”

11. 2 pm “I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a nap underneath my desk?”

12. 3 pm “My work for the day is basically done, I have earned this entertainment for myself for my last two hours. I also deserve these goldfish crackers, because nom nom nom nom.”

13. 4 pm “I wonder what I want for dinner? Do I need to go to Wal-Mart? Should I skip the gym tonight? Where’d all this work on my desk come from?”

14. 5 pm “Work on my desk—you can wait!! FRREEEEEDDOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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