Why Our Girlfriends Are Actually Our Soulmates

37 Reasons Why Our Girlfriends Are Actually Our Soulmates

1. She will always be there to listen to you (no matter for how long!)

2. She will reply to your texts/emails in a timely fashion and not have some lame ass excuse why she didn’t “get the message”

3. She understands your shopping, shoe, color coordinated closet loving self

4. She will give you hugs just because

5. You can share clothes, shoes, accessories and purses

6. If you cry; she probably will too

7. You can be the happiest, saddest or angriest person around her and she will love you just the same

8. No matter how much time goes on in between talking or seeing each other; you can pick up right where you left off

9. You never question her motives

10. She will tell you when you’re being a biatch

11. If she doesn’t like the guy you’re dating – you probably shouldn’t either (she sees things a little clearer than you Ms Butterflies)

12. If you wanted to curl up with cookies and milk and a Disney movie; she’d most likely join you

13. You can talk about shows you both watch as if you’re actually living them or are friends with the cast

14. She understands your Pinterest addiction; in fact she’s addicted too!

15. She would being you soup and crackers when you’re sick without worrying about getting sick

16. You can go get mani’s and pedi’s together

17. She says she loves you when you hang up the phone

18. You can call or text in the middle of the night crying or drunk and she will be there for you

19. She won’t judge you if you’re wearing a tank and yoga pants – ALL DAY

20. You can complain about anyone you’re dating to her and she will actually try to give you advice

21. If you’re having a bad day- she will have some words of advice or even a quote to send your way

22. She’s always down to get Fro-Yo; sometimes even for dinner!

23. She can make you laugh even if you’re crying

24. You can both sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs

25. Getting ready to go out is code for “dance party”

26. She will believe in you and your future even when you don’t

27. You both have told each other some embarrassing stories

28. You can watch TV show marathons together and be content

29. You can be her “date”

30. You can do each other’s hair and makeup

31. You’d prefer getting ready together versus apart

32. It’s okay that you want to have a few pictures taken before going out

33. If you want a shot; so does she!

34. If someone treats you like crap; she doesn’t like them.

35. She probably calls your mom and dad “mom” and “dad”

36. You are automatically “Auntie” to their children

37. She loves you no matter what!

Cherish your girlfriends. Good ones are hard to come by. Don’t them for granted, especially if you’re in a relationship! Always make time for your girlfriends…without them, live would be much duller and much harder. They understand you more than any man ever will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark