30 Reasons Why I Love NYC (And Why You Will Too)

image - Flickr / caruba
image – Flickr / caruba

1. There are opportunities at every turn or around every avenue.

2. The Portobello burger at Shake Shack.

3. Walking on the Highline on a Summer afternoon.

4. Getting a slice at Artichoke Basille’s pizza.

5. Every year the city turns into a fairy tale book during Christmas.

6. Because Brunch.

7. The artsy graffiti in Williamsburg.

8. You may feel like you’re in a movie, sometimes you actually are.

9. Central Park in the fall.

10. Smorgasburg. Because it’s a food flea market for gosh sakes.

11. Ordering groceries from Fresh Direct.

12. You can buy fruit without even leaving the sidewalk.

13. Unlimited places to go to cheap concerts every day of the week.

14. Because you can still find the calm in a city that never sleeps.

15. You never tire of the skyline.

16. The energy.

17. People watching in Central Park.

18. Everything is open late or 24-hours.

19. Having your friends a train ride away.

20. Broadway plays.

21. Rooftop bars in the summer.

22. You can watch a whole performance…in the subway.

23. We have coffee on every corner.

24. There’s a type of bar for everything.

25. You can get the best slice of Grandma’s pie in Brooklyn.

26. You can find every type of food in the world within the boroughs.

27. There’s inspiration just about everywhere you go.

28. You can see cute pups all day long.

29. Any helpless navigator can find their way through Manhattan’s grid.

30. New Yorkers are unlike any other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post originally appeared at A Caffeinated Brunette.

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