33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

These paranormal stories from Ask Reddit will make you believe in ghosts.

19. When I was a kid, I had slept in my room, and I saw a lady wearing a black outfit was looking at me behind a window curtain. She just smiled at me. I was paralyzed with fear and wasn’t able to scream. I had seen her about three times in different places in my house, just standing and smiling at me. I wasn’t able to do anything, but after I just ran to my parents and screamed, telling them what had just happened. Since then, I haven’t seen her again!

20. A few years ago I had been out of work for 3 months and had given up hope. On top of that, I had been getting 20-30 spam calls a day, so I had turned off my phone.

I was taking a post-lunch nap when I felt a hand grip my shoulder and gently shake me awake, with a voice saying, “Answer your phone.”

I staggered up and went to my desk and turned on my phone before realizing what had happened. Around 15 minutes later I got a call from a recruiter who had been given my name by a former co-worker. Went for the interview, aced it and I’m still at the job.

I’ve had other weird experiences. We live a couple of blocks from the city cemetery. I’m positive we have tourists coming through, but I don’t know if they’re lost, bored or trying to communicate.

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