33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

These paranormal stories from Ask Reddit will make you believe in ghosts.

17. I work alone overnight cleaning a restaurant. There have been quite a few scares, but I’d say the most paranormal was when I heard pleading at the back door one night.

It was short and to the point. A woman’s voice said my name and a man’s voice said, “Let us in.”

I went to look out the window that was attached to the door, and no one was there. As I turned to go back to work, it sounded like something slammed into the door. Knocked my ass to the floor and I scrambled up running to safety.

I had the managers look at the recording that morning when they came in and said they saw nothing. This is only one example of a lot of weird shit that goes on there.

18. Street lights turn off when I walk under them. I don’t mean it happened once or twice, it happens all the time at all hours (as long as those lights are on) and anywhere I might be walking. If I walk right under one, they turn off. It used to scare me when I was a kid, now I barely notice.

This is the only “paranormal” thing that has ever happened to me, I think. Then again, I’d probably get killed in a horror movie because I would refuse to believe in the paranormal.

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