33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

These paranormal stories from Ask Reddit will make you believe in ghosts.

15. Haunted house growing up. Things would fly off shelves, heavy objects would move with no explanation, electronics would turn on and off in really creepy ways–lights, radios, etc… My sister and I also both remember seeing this shadow thing standing in the hallways on multiple occasions, but we were little so I generally just write that off as kids with too much imagination. But the rest of that shit? Scary stuff and not generally in the realm of “normal,” at least to me.

16. I was pushed down a flight of stairs by an unseen force that felt like hands. It was this creepy old house being rented to university students and my gf had the upper attic floor, with a set of stairs that lead down to the second floor (real stairs, not the fold out kind). There was a lot of weird paranormal shit that happened in this house, but this one event really stood out.

My girlfriend’s friend had just come over wasted drunk and passed out on her bed. It was irritating cause were horny and wanted to hook up. After an hour of trying to get her to wake up to send her home we gave up and decided the couch would be better, plus she was out cold, so we didn’t think she’d know.

So my gf sits down on the couch and I decide I really should brush my teeth, so I tell her I’ll be right back and head for the stairs. I look at her while I’m going down the stairs and wink. At that moment I feel hands hit my back and I literally fall forward and start rolling down the stairs.

Two cracked ribs and I had to be taken out on a stretcher because I could barely breathe and it hurt like hell to stand up. My gf never wanted to believe what I felt and insisted I must have just slipped, but I know I felt strong hands hit my back.

It took her the longest to start believing that place was haunted, but damn was there some paranormal shit. As far as her roommates and I were concerned, by the time everyone was done living in the house, that event was worst that happened because it got physical.

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