33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

These paranormal stories from Ask Reddit will make you believe in ghosts.

5. I have been saved from death 8 times by a spirit guy wearing a bowler hat.

Each time has been different, but I am not the only one who has seen him. He has woken up my father and told him to check the garage. My father found me seizing and choking. I also fell asleep while driving. He turned the car sharply before we went off into a river.

6. When I was around 11 years old, I heard scissors snipping from my parents’ bathroom, which was next to my bedroom. This happened every night from around 1 to around 1:30. After about three months it stopped, and the dream I had that night was about a witch looking thing dragging its nails against my back and the next morning my back was covered in scabs that looked like someone scratched my back.

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