Which Horror Movie Would You Make It Out Of Alive? 

Which Horror Movie Would You Make It Out Of Alive? 

Ask Reddit is here to talk about horror films.

1. The Mist. Literally, because all you had to do was bunker down and not go outside till the military showed up.

2. It. I’m not a child. And knowing that something would grow more powerful the more I fear it would probably cause some sort of reaction where I stop fearing it out of spite

3. The Purge. It’s been shown that the Purge’s main purpose is to kill political figures, as well as people with grudges.

I’m nobody to nobody, so I’ll just run into a wooded area with lots of growth, and sleep in a bush until Purge is over.

No one is looking for me, and no one is searching the woods unless they chase someone into them. Purge is next week? Yeah, I’m going camping. 

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