How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

If you end up having twins, Ask Reddit has some ideas on how to tell them apart.

18. I have identicals, to me they are totally different. It helped that they were slightly different weights, I could tell as soon as I picked one up. But I could tell from how they held themselves, one would be more scrunched up, the other would stretch out. One would suck on their hand, the other wouldn’t, even their cries were different. I have never for a second doubted that they have ever been mixed up, they’re as individual as they are identical.

19. They started color-coding the girls with a color that started with the same letter as their name. I believe they still do this in school as the teachers can’t tell them apart. For example, Paige is pink, Bella is blue and Gemma is green.

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