How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

If you end up having twins, Ask Reddit has some ideas on how to tell them apart.

27. I worked with a girl who told me the story of her friend that managed to have identical triplets, or as close as those can be. After they were born the doctors gave them each a medical alert bracelet to keep on so that the family could tell the three girls apart. Almost a year later and the parents were still relying on those bracelets to tell their kids apart. The parents let the triplets stay at a grandma’s house, and during a bath, she took the bracelets off and forgot which one belonged to which child. The grandmother only told the parents about this months later and to this day the parents are unsure which child is which.

28. Identical twin here. And when I say identical, I mean my-sister-and-I-can’t-tell-ourselves-apart-in-some-pictures identical. My mom doesn’t even know which one of us is older. We were born via c-section within the same minute. The only reason I’m listed as older on my birth certificate is because they legally needed something to differentiate us on our birth certificates beyond just our names and mine comes first in alphabetical order. My sister and I have names that are associated with colors, so my mom colored our big toe nails with sharpies when we were babies. As we got older, she said I just started responding to one name and my sister to the other, so that’s what names we have. We don’t know if we actually respond to the correct names, but we don’t ever plan on looking into it. She sometimes still doesn’t know who is talking on the phone when we are in the same room. We are now in our 20s.

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