How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

If you end up having twins, Ask Reddit has some ideas on how to tell them apart.

25. My brothers are identical twins. When they were born, my mom painted the toenails pink for one of them while they were in the hospital with the ID bands still on. One of them had pink toenails for the first two years of his life.

You can tell them apart easily if you know them, my mom just didn’t ever want to get them switched up by mistake. One has a slightly chunkier face compared to the other. Looking at baby pictures, you can easily tell which is which.

26. We put blue fingernail polish on the big toe of one of them just in case. Their head shapes are different because my wife labored the first one for 3+ hours, the second one’s heart rate dipped so they expedited his delivery so his is more round. To me they look entirely different, but other people who aren’t around them 24/7 can’t tell them apart. That doesn’t mean I don’t get them mixed up fro time to time at certain angles, but straight on I can tell them apart.

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