He's Going To Lose Interest If You Do These 50 Things

He’s Going To Lose Interest If You Do These 50 Things

Some men from Ask Reddit are here to tell you what has made them lose interest in a woman before.

1. Her inability to keep a conversation going… like a freaking brick wall, it did not matter how I tried to talk with her, totally different person online though.

2. She generalized EVERYONE! She was also such a bitch to everyone that she didn’t understand.

  • He plays video games? Wow when do you think he’ll move out of his mothers basement?

  • Wow she wears so much makeup can you imagine what she’s hiding under that face?

Just such a mean spirited person and it completely turned me off.

3. Played hard to get. No thanks. If you’re gonna ghost me for days at a time and then get pissed off when I don’t respond in .5 seconds then that’s not my problem. 

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