50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

These people from Ask Reddit are lucky to be alive.

17. 50 yo man grabbed me on the wildwood boardwalk, raped me for a while then threw me in the ocean.

This happened in 2012.

I was 7.

It wasn’t reported.

18. Minding my own business making popcorn in my kitchen when I heard a knock at my door. I went to the front, pulled back the blinds on the door, and saw a man with a bandana covering his face pointing a gun at me and screaming. I turned and started running and he started firing. Bullets ricocheted all over my house, one went straight into a door jamb and missed my head by a few inches. I hid out in my backyard with my dogs while he tried to kick my door in. When he failed, he left in a getaway car that was parked by the side yard.

No idea to this day why it happened to me; the police said it was probably a case of mistaken identity. He was never caught and I never spent another night in that house.

19. Neighbor stabbed me in the chest because I hit him over the head twice with a 10 lb weight to try to stop him stabbing his wife. However, I’m fat and the knife didn’t go deep enough through my breast tissue to do any damages.

Yay for being fat!

He’s still up for attempted murder though.

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