50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

These people from Ask Reddit are lucky to be alive.

47. I saw 2 people stab someone to death in what I assume was a drug deal gone wrong, when I was on a night walk. Spent another hour being chased and hiding in a backyard so they wouldn’t do the same to me. Scary night.

48. My parents moved to Mozambique during the mid nineties, I was around 8 at the time and started going to school there, a nice private one, cant complain, my father was working for the red cross in Chimoio so we had a comfortable life.
One day, before arriving to school with a friend of mine, some sketchy guy stopped us offered a whole bunch of money to just take some small box to a white van that was parked at the end of the street, not even 100 meters away. My lucky day I guessed (it actually was but for different reasons). When I was going to go grab the box my friend grabbed me by the shirt, pushed me, and started running, screaming (something I didn’t understand in Shona the local dialect). That moment was when it clicked. The moment I looked back the guy had already vanished. So… wherever you are, thank you Chude, I will never forget you.

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