50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

These people from Ask Reddit are lucky to be alive.

40. I was 13. My mother was screaming (legit screaming – not the yelling that a lot of people call screaming. They’re different, trust me) at me because I made a tuna sandwich for lunch and didn’t make one for her. She was a courier and I never knew when she would be home and when she wouldn’t (these were the days before everyone had a cell phone) and she frequently bought lunch on the road. I was done with lunch before she got home, but she still flipped. I was selfish, a horrible daughter, etc.

Anyway, as she was screaming, I was backing away from her until I was pressed against the sink cabinet. She kept coming towards me. I swear to God before I knew what was happening or could process/register, she had the scissors out of the knife block in her hand and she was still coming towards me, scissor points directed at me. I screamed bloody murder. My brother came rushing out of his room (right off the kitchen) as she started swinging them down at my throat. He caught her hand maybe 2 inches away from my skin, and she was coming at me with enough force that there was still some forward momentum for him to counter. If he had not been there, they would have been buried in my throat.

To this day, she doesn’t understand why I have nothing to do with her and the closest thing I’ve ever received to an apology was “I’m sorry you’re not over that.”

Yeah. She’s since been diagnosed as a narcissistic sociopath. Imagine my utter lack of surprise.

41. This happened a couple weeks ago. It was 4:00 AM on a Monday night, playin Rust with some friends and my curtains were slightly open.

All of the sudden I hear a loud pop and my monitor jumps and starts smoking. The screen is completely fucked like I had thrown it on the ground, and I was utterly confused as to what happened.

Turns out someone was looking for someone to hurt. When they saw me through the window, they thought they had found their victim.

A .22 pistol bullet was shot through my window at my chest and was stopped by my monitor. Who knows how long I was aimed at, or why they wanted to hurt someone. All I know is I got really lucky, and I should send a thank you card to Asus.

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