50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

50 Survivors Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Real Life Horror Story 

These people from Ask Reddit are lucky to be alive.

38. Someone tried to mug me and stabbed me in the wrong the place so I survived, didn’t see his face so he got away with it.

39. My brother is a drug addict, and he held my dad and I hostage saying he was going to kill us after he pulled out a gun. He fired it at the upper wall/ceiling at first to show us it was a real gun, and my mom was by the front door and able to run out. I wasn’t 100% sure he noticed I was still inside, so I had run into the only room that locked, which was the bathroom, and hid behind the toilet. I eventually let him know my location by begging him to let us go, and we wouldn’t call the police. He said he’d drag me out by the hair and shoot me first if my dad didn’t give him any money.

Eventually, my dad had convinced him there was money in the basement that my mom had hidden, and I ran out the front door (it was a single level house). My mom was on the phone with the police from a neighbor’s house. What was scariest is that we were in a pretty rural area that had turkey hunting in the woods behind us. I heard a shot from the woods and assumed it was my brother murdering my dad. I had lived in a lot of fear up until that point anyway because my brother was generally violent and scary.

Took me a long time to be healthy again. I’m kind of a small person, but I still managed to lose a ton of weight and still haven’t been able to sleep well. It’s been almost 13 years. My parents wouldn’t let me tell the truth on the police report, so I didn’t write anything out or sign anything. My brother wonders now why I can’t look at him or why he couldn’t hug me on my wedding day.

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