45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

These happily married couples from Ask Reddit have some advice for the younger generation.

25. Never rush marriage, at the end of the day it’s really nothing more than a piece of paper, what really matters is in your heart.

Second piece of advice, they better be your best friend or it most likely won’t work out.

This is someone you’ll be spending the rest of your life with(if all goes as planned). And the older you get, the less friends you’ll have and the more you’ll spend with your significant other.

26. Disagreements happen. Find a middle ground. There is always a middle ground.

Ignore the people who say, “never go to bed angry”. A lot of times the middle ground presents itself after a good night’s sleep.

Have two comfortable places to sleep. It will come in handy during disagreements but they’re a god send if someone is sick, has allergies and snores.

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