45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

These happily married couples from Ask Reddit have some advice for the younger generation.

16. Separate bathrooms. No, not kidding.

17. Stole this from Dan Savage: establish sexual compatibility early in a relationship. I don’t mean on the first date, but before you get married because it’s only going to get more difficult later.

It can be something as simple as, sex isn’t that important to either of you. It can be talking about what’s acceptable in terms of dealing with fantasies and fetishes. Heck, just finding out if you’re both willing to have an honest conversation about it is worth knowing.

18. You don’t have to blow $30k for your wedding. That’s a down payment on a house! No one is going to remember what color your brides maids dresses were, or what flavor your cake was. They’re going to remember how much fun it was, who got the most drunk, who had the worst dance moves, and how happy you (two) were that day.

You are going to want to strangle each other during the planning process. Just relax, have a glass of wine or something, and talk it out.

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