45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

These happily married couples from Ask Reddit have some advice for the younger generation.

7. You can’t fix everything. If someone has a bad day, there may not be anything outward that can be done to fix it. Sometimes they just need time and to know you’re there.

8. Be weird with each other. Everyone is odd in someway. Stepping back from the stresses of life and being goofy is the best part of my day. Your spouse should love every part of you so be yourself and have fun! Marriage is not as serious as people make it out to be.

9. Humans are stupid – me and you included. Happiness isn’t getting everything you want. It’s the habit of being happy with what you have. Mad at your spouse for something stupid, like forgetting clothes in the washing machine? Stop being mad, make a cup of tea for both of you, then laugh at it.

It’s a habit – so you’ve gotta create that habit. But once that habit is created, you stop getting mad about stupid things. When you’re with someone for years and you get rid of stupid fights, it becomes quite easy to be happy (assuming overall compatibility).

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