45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

45 Married Couples Give Advice To Young Couples Deep In Puppy Love

These happily married couples from Ask Reddit have some advice for the younger generation.

33. Do a lot of those “questions to discuss before marriage” quizzes. You may find trigger points you never would have thought of on your own. It’s better to hear these things in a theoretical, not in a time you need to make a decision or are under emotional stress.

But most importantly: MAKE SURE YOU AGREE ON WHETHER TO HAVE KIDS! Don’t assume he/she will come around to the idea. If you’re pushing your significant other to have kids, you will basically be a single parent. They won’t feel responsible for the child because they didn’t want them to begin with and were being nice to you in having a baby. On the flip side, if you convince your significant other NOT to have children, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of resentment if they had to choose between you and a future they’ve probably built up in their mind for most of their life. The decision of whether or not to have children impacts Every. Single. Moment. of the rest of your life. Don’t try to convince someone they really will come to love the opposite outcome.

34. Fuck first. If there’s an expectation or hope of sex after a wedding, birthday, arbor day, Valentine’s day etc… Do the sex part before to avoid getting too tired, full, or bloated to have sex after.

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