30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They've Seen Deep In The Woods

30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They’ve Seen Deep In The Woods

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to make you want to stay indoors all summer long.

15. I have spent many a night hiking in deserts and mountains and never felt uncomfortable or saw anything creepy until the time I looked up.

I took a night hike to some petroglyphs not too far from Durango, CO. I was alone, was about an hour hike, and it was just after midnight when I got to the petroglyphs. Checked em out then sat on a ledge and busted out some summer sausage and my flask of whiskey.

I look up to the sky and waaay up there is a speck moving pretty quickly, I’ve seen this before and been told it’s the international space station or a satellite. So I’m watching it zoom across the sky thinking how cool it is… When it suddenly reverses direction. My mind is doing mental gymnastics trying to figure it out, maybe two satellites passed each other and I lost sight of the one I was originally watching. Except it happened AGAIN and it went back the other way on a slightly different course.

I actually stood up and said ‘what the fuck?’. I don’t know much about space, but I felt really uneasy watching that white speck way up there doing that, like my mind is seeing something it knows shouldn’t be happening. And then I felt a sense of dread, which was bizarre. And then I lost sight of the speck completely and high-tailed it back to my truck.

16. It’s time for a light supernatural story.

Not so much of a hiking though, it was a survival test for joining a mountaineering club in my campus.

There were 20-ish of us including myself, in the middle of the woods, with our foods were confiscated by the recruitment committe so that we needed to find natural foods from nature such as fruit (especially banana), edible plants, or even locust or snake if lucky. Miserable test, but valuable experience indeed.

One day, it was raining so hard in the afternoon and all of our 5 groups hadn’t finished set up our group bivouacs. We intentionally set them near each other so we could check everyone instantly something is going wrong. No one was talking or chatting to each other, it was only given by our soaked clothes and empty stomaches, when suddenly all of us heard a hysterical woman scream. An 5-seconds surprised woman scream. Everyone heard it and the scream was so close and loud, we all thought it was one of us screaming because of snake or something.

So naturally, the boys jolted instantly to a bivouac we thought was the source of the scream. No girls were crouching or standing up as we imagined. All of us stared at each other, especially the girls as we thought one of them was pulling a prank on us to surprise us. No one claimed the scream nor admitted that it was her joke, everyone looked equally shocked. After minutes of investigating the girls, we then went back to our respective groups with an unanswered incident, even after the recruitment process was finished and we went back to civilization.

After we officially members of the club, we shared that story to our seniors and it turns out, the place my batch used to set bivouacs was the first time to be used in five years. And the last batch used that part of the woods experienced the exact screaming incident, also without any logical explanation, and they chose to base that incident as their batch name “Forest’s Cry.”

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