30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They've Seen Deep In The Woods

30 Hikers On The Single Scariest Thing They’ve Seen Deep In The Woods

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to make you want to stay indoors all summer long.

1. I was in Syria on a visit from Australia back in the late 90’s. I saw 2 dogs in the distance, about 30 meters away, lit up by a bright moon. They had faces that looked human. I seriously froze. They walked up to about 10 meters away and looked totally flipping human. One of them growled so I fired off a round and they ran away. I immediately headed back home looking over my shoulder the whole way. I told my aunt what I saw and the house erupted in laughter. It was some local ghost story. Everyone had an encounter with them at one stage or something. Fuck those dogs.

2. It was in the summer around dusk and I was camping at a remote campground with my dad. There was a lake right next to the grounds and my dad and I would trail blaze through the forest right next to the lake because if you went far enough there was a really pretty waterfall. A few strange things happed on this hike. We found a slash pile that had a little kids shoe on top. When we came to a small clearing, my dad had to take a leak to he faced one side of the clearing and I faced the other and we both clearly heard a child say, “I’m over here.” My dad thought it was me, and when he realized it wasn’t, we spent half an hour looking for someone, but we found nobody. After that, we gave up on going to the waterfall and started to make our way back to camp, but there were clear sounds of something following us (twigs snapping, bushes shaking). We haven’t been camping there since.

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