True Scary Stories Megamix (50 Of The Creepiest Ones I’ve Found In Awhile)

Mystery guest

A few years back, I lived with my mother and german shepherd in a two bedroom rented town home. I got home from work one day and went about my daily routine. When it came time to eat dinner i knocked on my mom’s door to come and eat. I smelled cigarette smoke and heard her grunt a response. So I went back down and ate alone. I figured i would just put a plate away for her. Fast forward to about 2 am, I am awoken by someone holding my hand and gently shaking it. I immediately shoot straight up and look around. My dog, who is overly protective and sleeps with me every single night, isn’t in bed. She isnt even in the room. She most definitely was on my bed when i went to sleep. I sleep with the bedroom door shut and locked. She is scratching at my closed and LOCKED bedroom door from the hallway. Frantic. I bolt for the door. Let her in and she is searching the whole room. I’m now yelling for my mother. No answer. I force my dog to walk down the hallway with me. I still smell cigarette smoke. I bang on my mom’s door. No answer. So i just open it. She ISN’T even home. The bed is made and her tv is off. My dog and i search the whole entire house. Nothing is out of place. All the doors and windows are still locked. I was freaked out to say the least. The next day i called my mom and she told me she left early the day before to go visit my sick grandfather.

An ‘abandoned’ farm

I used to have a penchant for wandering around abandoned buildings when I was in high school. One time a friend and I decided it would be a good idea to explore a farmstead that hadn’t been in use for years. The whole experience was really bizarre.

The farmstead was accessible by a long gravel road that brought you to a cluster of dilapidated buildings around a central barn. We parked at the end of the gravel road near the turn off to the main road so we could walk around the property and just pull out quickly later. We went into the barn first and there were deer bones arranged in a circle around the skull and a bunch of blankets and wood stacked in a corner of the room. We thought it was really cult-ish and weird, noped our, and started walking back to the car.

Halfway down the gravel road we heard crunching, heavy footsteps and someone screeching behind us. Blood curdling screeching. We sprinted back to my car and tried to peel out of there as fast as possible but it had snowed the night prior and my back tire was stuck in a puddle of melted snow. My friend was screaming because she was so freaked out but wouldn’t turn to look at the path behind us. By the time I had gotten the car unstuck she turned around to see if there was someone following us and there was no one there.

I could have been a bird or something, but we both swear up and down to this day that someone was following us. I actually thought I was going to die that day.

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