Wild, Weird Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

69 Wild, Weird Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

These facts from Ask Reddit are useless — but fun.

1. There is actually such thing as white crows. They’re born with no melanin in there bodies, making them white. But you never see white crows, because due to their color they are most likely killed and eaten by their mothers when they are still in the nest. If they do somehow live to be an adult, they are shunned by other crows and live a lonely life.

2. The Phantom of the Opera has his iconic half-mask so the audience could see more of the actor’s performance. It was changed so late in the production that they’d already made the posters. That’s why it shows a full mask on the posters.

3. I remember reading this on a similar thread some years ago, taser is an acronym of Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle.

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